St. Lucia / June 29, 2006 through July 4, 2006

July 3, 2006

For our last full day on our honeymoon we chartered a sail boat to take us along the western coast. We were joined on this trip by a couple from Chicago, a skipper and a deck hand. We boarded the sail boat at the Soufriere marina under a sunny blue sky. After a quick round of introductions, we tooled out of the marina and unfurled the sails. Unfortunately, there was almost no wind this morning. On the good side, the weather was perfect and the sea was calm. It was perfectly peaceful to be on the water, no motors, just bobbing along.

Wendy and I moved to the front of the boat where we just sat and enjoyed the quiet, the weather, and each other.

Sailing in St. Lucia
Sailing in St. Lucia.

While sailing, the deck hand served us Rum punch and water. At one point, we even saw a whale breach about 200 yards from the boat.

Wendy tries to remember if she gets seasick
Wendy tries to remember if she gets seasick.

In the picture below, the Petit Piton is on the right and you can just see the town of Soufriere off the water to the left.

Petit Piton and Soufriere
Petit Piton and Soufriere.

After being on the water for a couple of hours, we snorkeled briefly before being returned to Soufriere. The taxi wasn't there to pick us up yet, so we decided to walk around Soufriere and visit some shops. In St. Lucia it was difficult for us to tell the difference between businesses and houses as there is no apparent difference in the architecture. All the buildings look like houses. The shops were predictably full of the usual tourist schlock. We managed to find a few interesting cups, handmade from bamboo and painted. Our taxi driver actually came a found us in the shop we were in (very nice of him!) and waited till we were finished shopping.

For our last night in St. Lucia, Wendy and I took our time at lunch and dinner. Spending time in the bar overlooking the ocean. We were treated to a spectacular sunset, the last we'd see on our honeymoon.

Night falls in St. Lucia
Night falls in St. Lucia.
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