St. Lucia / June 29, 2006 through July 4, 2006

July 4, 2006

Sadly, our last day in paradise had come. Wendy and I took our time getting up in the morning, had a leisurely breakfast and took some pictures around Ladera.

Matt in front of the Petit Piton
Matt in front of the Petit Piton.


Matt and Wendy in front of the Petit Piton
Matt and Wendy in front of the Petit Piton.


The pool and bar at Ladera
The pool and bar at Ladera.

We left Ladera for the airport around noon. We checked in with the airline and waited a couple of hours before our flight took off. After a short layover in Miami where we grabbed some food, we boarded our flight for Los Angeles.

Our flight was on the runway for at least 30 minutes before we took off. Luckily this was just after the sun had set. Looking out our windows we could see Fourth of July fireworks shows going off all along the Miami coast. It got even better as we took off. We could see at least 20 different fireworks displays all around the city from the plane. I had only seen fireworks in the Chester before (where they set off one firework after another so they can drag it out as long as possible) so one of these displays would have been amazing. We were lucky enough to see a couple of dozen at once.

As we flew across the country we chased the darkness and got to witness fireworks shows in dozens of cities and towns all along the way. It was by far the best way to watch fireworks we could ever imagine. As we landed in Los Angeles we could see the last sputters of revelers lighting off their own fireworks on each block across the city. We felt lucky to have such a wonderful welcome back to the United States after our honeymoon.

The fireworks made up for the fact that Wendy and I had to spend the night in the Los Angeles airport. Our flight from Miami arrived at 11pm and our flight to San Jose didn't leave till 6am. It wasn't quite long enough to justify getting a hotel room. So we slept off and on together in the terminal.

We had such a wonderful time on our honeymoon. We wouldn't change one thing about it. Both Wendy and I would like to thank everyone that had a hand in helping us celebrate our marriage in such a wonderful way. Both our parents helped out, which meant that we got to do all the activities we wanted to without needing to worry about the financial impact.

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