St. Lucia / June 29, 2006 through July 4, 2006

June 30, 2006

For our second full day in St. Lucia we booked two tours, one for the morning and one for the evening. For the morning we had booked a canopy cabling tour. Canopy cabling involves gliding on a pulley between tree tops in the rainforest. You are strapped into a contraption that resembles a climbing harness.

Wendy puts on her cabling harness
[ Wendy puts on her cabling harness ]

After a short hike from the reception area (a thatch roof held up by four posts) in our harnesses Wendy and I stood at the first of 6 platforms. We were accompanied by three guides, one who like to call himself "busta rhymes" and another who professed to be a ladies man. All three were great characters. The weather this day was outstanding, still muggy, but the temperature was ideal. Despite this, we were again the only ones on the tour. This meant we got to go at our own pace and b.s. with the guides.

The guide clicked my pulley over the first cable and explained how I should lay back, grab the cable making an "OK" sign with my thumb and forefinger and enjoy the ride. Being the first one, this platform was built into the side of a hill and not too high. I moved to the edge of the platform, leaned back and started sliding.

Matt slides off the platform
[ Matt slides off the platform ]


Matt slides down the cable.
[ Matt slides down the cable ]

One of the guides and I waited at the next platform for Wendy to come down the cable. The big question? "Would she do it?".

Wendy is strapped in by the ladies man
[ Wendy is strapped in by the ladies man ]


Wendy flys over the river
[ Wendy flys over the river ]

Various sections of the cable start from as high up as 50ft off the forest floor. The views are amazing, you "fly" right through tree fronds, over rivers and lush plants on the ground. The entire time, the guides were very personable, talking with us and cracking jokes. They were an great bunch of guys to spend the morning with.

Busta rhymes, Wendy, Matt, and the Ladies Man
[ Busta rhymes, Wendy, Matt, and the Ladies Man ]

The cabling location is on the opposite side of the island from our hotel. The trip there took over an hour, the trip back took a little longer. Our cab driver was named Trevor, and he was having a bad morning. Apparently he hadn't picked up his sister to drop her off at school for exams and had missed a pickup from another hotel. He spent most of the ride arguing into his cell phone. We detoured to a hotel in Vieux Fort on the way back so he could pick up a payoff for another ride. Needless to say, we didn't tip very big (at all). We did however, get some interesting information from him. Apparently on St. Lucia there are 5 females to every 1 male. According to Trevor, this means that men can pretty much act how they want. Apparently, it's just accepted that men will cheat on their significant others, including their wives. At least with the extra time we spent in the car with him, he got enough time to tell us all about his exploits.

For the evening we had planned a trip to "Fish Friday" in Anse La Rey. The chef from Dasheene took us to Anse La Rey, a small fishing village via a 30 minute water taxi ride. During the boat ride we were server wine and beer while we chatted with the other couples on the tour.

Sunset on the way to Anse La Rey
[ Sunset on the way to Anse La Ray ]

Fish Friday is a street fair where the local fishermen and their families prepare fish they have caught during the week. The street in the town (about 100 yards long) is filled with little vendor tents, bar-b-ques, pots, pans and people. The smell of fresh fish permeates the whole town. The Dasheene chef took us around to a few of the vendors and let us sample what they had prepared. We tried Cod prepared in lemon and spices, crab meat cooked into a cracked claw, and crab that we sucked right out of the shell.

Chef Orlando procures some local fish for us
[ Chef Orlando procures some local fish for us ]

Wendy, who is averse to a fair amount of food, was a real trooper. She tried, and liked, almost everything. This included sucking the crab meat right out of the crab shell. Something I certainly never thought I'd see.

Wendy sucks crab
[ Wendy sucks crab ]


Our friends at the fish fry
[ Our friends at the fish fry ]

After we enjoyed a great meal of fresh fish, rice, soup, shrimp and rum, Wendy and I danced in the street to reggae music. It rained for a brief period, making it all the more romantic. Our time to leave finally came, we piled back into the water taxi full, happy, and a little tipsy.

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